I remember our friendship,

Friendship that will never be forgotten,

Either we are young or old,

Dead or alive,

Our friendship will never break

I remember our friendship,

You always take care of me,

I always take care of you,

Whenever we are in trouble,

We always help each other

I remember our friendship,

It just like clouds smiles,

Sometimes we feeling good,

Sometimes we feeling bad,

But it’s alright,

We will face it with calm

I remember our friendship,

I can’t live without you,

Without you,

My life will be darkness,

Like sun never came back to the earth

I remember our friendship,

From the beginning we met,

Till we make our own ways,

I will keep our sweet rainbow memories,

Memories that make my life,

Like falling candy rains


I hope we will meet again,

Share all the good times,

Talking about the future,


Friends connecting humans

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