In all Call of Duty that I already played before. I think this is the first Call of Duty that introduce us to gore animations, you know, head got blown off by a shotgun and both hands and legs got crippled, creepy stuff but fun to watch while you play. I played this game on my old computer in year 2009 and then I tried to play it on Xbox 360 in the year end of 2013. But I find out, I was more fun playing this game on PC because, you know, the mouse is far more fast responsive than a console controller.

    Call of Duty : World at War is a first-person shooter developed by Treyarch and published by Activision in the year November 2008 for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, Nintendo DS and PS2 ( Call of Duty : World at War Final Fronts, different version). It using the IW 3.0 engine, the same engine used for Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare with an upgrade development on audio and visual effects. And this was my third favorite video game for World War 2 setting. My second favorite was Call of Duty 2, while the first one was Medal of Honor : Airborne.


    In single-player campaign, the player controls three different characters. The player first assumes the role of Private C. Miller, United States Marine Corps’ 1st Division in the Pacific campaign, United States against Empire of Japan. My favorite missions for Pacific Campaign was ‘Little Resistance’ where you storm the White Beach of Peleliu island and gave you control to call in a rocket strikes was an awesome experience. ‘Burn ’em out’ and ‘Relentless’ are also my favorite missions, you are giving a chance to use a flamethrower which has a cool fire burning effects on Japanese army bodies, it was pretty scary when you looked at it, but the real war is far more scary.

     Deployable Browning M1919 and M1897 Trench gun are the best weapons for Pacific campaign. If you want to see gory death animations, use both of this weapons, they are powerful and I liked it. “Tenoheka, BANZAI!!!!” Japanese army are crazy as hell in this game, they will charge at you using their Banzai attack. They will charge in one group, if one of them get on you, he will try to stab at you using his bayonet. But if you tap the melee button fast, your character will stab back right to his neck using a knife. Japanese army also like to hidden in the bushes, on the top of trees and pretend to be death. All of this are smart moves by Japanese and also, deathly.


    The second playable character is Petty Officer Locke, a weapon operator on a PBY Catalina flying boat during the mission “Black Cats”, still in Pacific Theater. This mission are also awesome. You are giving a control to use 30. Cal and 50. Cal machine guns and also 20MM cannons to destroy Japanese merchant ships and also f**king PT boats. It was a cool mission with a great music, a great combination of Japanese and other South East Asian music instruments brings an intense moment to the mission like Japanese Zeroes using Kamikaze attack on U.S. fleet.

    The third playable character is a Red Army, Private Dimitri Petrenko on Eastern Front, fighting against Nazi Germany. In Eastern Front campaign, Russian are really kicking Nazi’s butt. You will start at the Stalingrad, Russian got defeated, but not too long until Russian have their revenge in the mission “Their land, Their blood”. Russian slaughter every German soldier in the Battle of Seelow Heights. Favorite weapons for this Russian campaign? Deployable MG 42, MP 40 and Deployable FG 42.


   Russian are really like to drink Vodka, what will you get when you combine fire with Vodka? Molotov! Yeah, Russian are very good with Molotov. Threw the Molotov at German soldier, burning alive, you can feel Russian really want to get their revenge at the Berlin. German soldier are not aggressive like Japanese soldier. You also get to control a tank that loaded with cannon and flamethrower.

    You have four different difficulty, recruit, regular, hardened and veteran. On veteran, the enemies will spamming a lot of grenades at your position and you will die after three to five hits. It’s fun yet challenging. Graphics are good, an improvement from previous game. The fire effects and gore animations are really good. Voice acting are also good, you got Kiefer Sutherland as Corporal Roebuck and Gary Oldman as Sergeant Viktor Reznov. Music are the best, composed by Sean Murray, it gave a me a scary and brutal feeling about the war.


    If you like this game, you can buy it now at game stores or online. It has a good campaign with a great atmosphere about how badly and brutal this World War 2 . Gore animations is what keep me coming to play this game over and over again. It also have Nazi zombies which was a great addition to the game and a good multiplayer. I hope you like my review.

Story : 4  / 5

Gameplay : 4.5 / 5

Graphics : 4 / 5

Sound and music : 5 / 5

Overall : 8 / 10

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