REVIEW (Video game) – FAR CRY 3

 “What is the definition of insanity? Is doing the same f**king thing over and over again.” Oh yeah! Vaas was the best character in Far Cry 3. Is like he brought us (player) into the world of insanity that full with brutality, madness and wired fantasy, on the island that was full with mystery things, waiting for player to discover it. Jason Brody’s mind almost want to follow the same root like Vaas, which is very dangerous. Interesting personality from awesome Vaas Montenegro is what makes Far Cry 3 is the best video game title for year 2012.


    Far Cry 3 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal in conjunction with Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Massive, Ubisoft Reflections and Red Storm Entertainment, published by Ubisoft in the year 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. This game used Dunia Engine 2 that has been upgraded to get the best quality in terms of graphics, animations, motion capture and audio, better from its predecessor, Far Cry 2. The word “Dunia” means “world” in English, this word has been used in Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, Bengali, Persian, Punjabi, Swahili, Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu and Nepali languages.



    You will play as Jason Brody, town boy, pampered and still confused with his directions of life in the future. Jason go on vacation with his younger brother, Riley and Grant, his girlfriend, Liza, and his friends, Daisy, Oliver and Keith in Bangkok, Thailand to celebrate Riley for getting his pilot’s license. While skydiving, they land on the tropical island that located between Indian and Pacific Oceans, Rook Island. Unfortunately for them,  they are all been captured by pirates led by Vaas and was held in the camps, waiting to be sell. Jason manages to run away from that camp, but not for his brother, Grant. Grant died shot to the neck by Vaas.



    After fell down into the river. Jason were saved by Dennis Rogers, a man working for Rakyat tribe. Dennis see the potential of Jason to follow Rakyat tradition “Path of the warrior” on a mission to rescue his friends and at the same time help Citra, leader of the Rakyat to eliminate Vaas and Hoyt, a businessman who runs slave trader and drug trafficking business.



Gameplay in Far Cry 3 was very challenging and fun. On the Rook Island, you can go and explore anywhere you want because this is an open-world game. There’s a lot of hidden items that can be found around the island like collecting letters from dead Japanese soldiers, memory cards and ancient artifacts. Far Cry 3 also used experience points system, your character will be weak at the earlier of the game, but as you progress the game, Jason Brody will become stronger. Each kills will rewarded you with XP points, which will fill up the XP meter. When the meter is full, you will get one skill point. And this skill points, you can used it to upgrade at the skill trees.



  There are three sections in skill trees, Shark, Heron and Spider. Each of this sections has different abilities like Spider for stealth takedowns and hunting skill, Heron for long-range takedowns and mobility, Shark for assault takedowns and health. When one skill has been unlocked in one of the three sections. Players can use that abilities as an advantage to defeat the enemies. Abilities that you can use is sliding, fireproof, faster sprint, better fire from the hip, higher accuracy while shooter, longer breath while using sniper rifle and swimming, reduce damages when you fall down and etc.



On this island, is not just human that you have to worried about, wild animals around this tropical island also you have to worried. There are numerous of wild animals in Far Cry 3, some of them are not dangerous, herbivore like tapir, deer, buffalo, birds, boar and etc. Unless you act like an ass to them, they will attack on you. For dangerous animals, carnivore, eat flesh like Sumatran tiger, wild bear, shark, leopard, wild dogs and the most I hated, Cassowary bird. This Cassowary really likes to find trouble, they will move slowly towards me and suddenly attack with his claws, it really annoyed me. Anyway, you can skinning the animals after you killed it. And then, you can use that skin to upgrade number of weapons that you can carry, more ammo, more grenades and more syringes.



    In the earlier game, you can only use one weapon only, but as you progress to hunt down certain animals, you can carry your weapons up to four. Grenades, C4, mines and molotov can be brought up to twelve. Numbers of syringe also can be carry up to 15. This game used health meter, which I liked it. You can be healed by using health syringes. You can crafting your syringes by using plants around the Rook island. There’s a lot of plants on the island, with different colours. Each of this colour on the plants represent different kind of abilities that players can use like green for health, yellow for Jason’s hunting skill, red to increase Jason’s focus in combat, blue for enhancing Jason’s exploration capabilities, white to focus effects in fight. If you can complete certain missions, you can get secret recipes to craft a new syringe. You can combine certain plants to create that new syringe.

  While shooting, players can take cover behind objects, peek/lean left and right and also blindfire. You are free to choose the way you play in this game, stealth or guns blazing. Players also can perform silent takedowns by performing melee attacks from above, front, back and below. Players can use camera to highlight enemies and animals to keep tracking their movement. Enemies also have different types, heavy gunner, assaulter, defender, charger, flamer, sniper and berserker. Other than completing main missions, you can also complete side missions like helping local peoples around the island, attacking enemies outposts will make allies to take back that located area from the enemies, activating radio towers will reveal location of the area. Far Cry 3 also have mini games like poker, knife throwing, hunting, supply drop, trial of the rakyat, wanted dead and etc.



  Weapons can be purchased at weapon stores or you can get it for free by just activating more radio towers. There are more than 35 different weapons that you can choose like P416, AK-47, F1, 1911, MS16, U100, MKG, flamethrower and many more. All of these weapons can be customized by putting an attachments like red dot sight, silencer, extended magazines. Except for AK-47, RPG-7 and GL-94 which can only changed weapon camo. My favorite weapons in Far Cry 3? M-700 for long-range, U100, P416 and silencer pistol Shadow. In that 35 types of weapons, there are also “Signature Weapons” which its weapons are more just the same as you already had. Just more powerful.



  There’re few types of vehicles that player can use like jeep, normal cars, ATV, jet ski, Buggy, hang glider, and truck. Control for driving sequence is nice as well as when in combat. Vehicles that is almost non-working can be repaired by using repair tools. Hang glider was the best in the game, when you drive this thing, you can see the view of the island while you fly through the air. Driving ATV are also fun and challenging. But the down side was, you can’t shoot while you drive. 


Graphics in this game are really beautiful, colourful, is like it really brought us into that island, I can feel the jungle and the sea are come up alive. It has a dynamic weather system, nice water and fire effects. If players use molotov or flamethrower, fire will spread out onto grass and trees, which you want to stay clear if you using fire stuff. While the enemy A.I. was just average, but that’s not going to jeopardize your gameplay experience, don’t worry. The motion capture are also the best. Music score was composed by Brian Tyler, his soundtrack enough to give us feels like we were hunting the enemies or be hunted.  Skrillex song, Make it bun dem sing by Damian Marley was really fits well on a mission where Jason objective is to burn Hoyt’s drug farms. This was a mission that changed Jason’s life from become sissy to a man who obsessed with killing people.



 There are some elements from Far Cry 2 have, that also needs to be in Far Cry 3. Weapons jammed and healing animations. Ubisoft supposed to brought in weapons jammed system from previous game in this game because it can put the players outside from comfort zone and to be more worried about their struggle to maintain weapons condition. Healing animations in Far Cry 3 only have like three to four animations only while in Far Cry 2 had more than that, even some of it was not logic, but it’s interesting.


Like Far Cry 2, we can choose any factions that we want to join. But in Far Cry 3, we can join Rakyat only. I always wanted to join Vaas pirates, what is likes to be a bad guy because from what I’m see, Vaas really didn’t liked his sister, Citra who practicing mystical ritual and believes in wired and ridiculous stuff. Which can be the main reason why Vaas rebel against his sister, but unfortunately for Vaas, he was poisoned by Hoyt with money, drugs and cruelty. Also, Vaas are insane in the extreme ways, which can make normal minded person like Jason Brody will never accept Vaas as a human being. In the end of the game, Jason’s mind also become almost the same like Vaas, but Vaas far more insane. There are two different ending you can choose, save Jason’s friends or stay on the island with the Rakyat. What’s interesting in here is we as a player are given power to choose the right path for Jason’s life. But Jason said he was gonna stay on the island because he thinks that is his right path. So, we, we as a player to enlightening Jason back to the right path, so he can remember who he really is, where he came from, to save his friends and get out of there. If we just let it go, we failed and Jason will fall into a deep darkness. This game teaches me not to forget who am I, where I came from, even I wander through many different places around the globe.


If you like this game, you can buy it on game stores or online. This game received well of its interesting storyline, characters, graphics and gameplay, is like “killing while on vacation” package. Far Cry 3 also gives you multiplayer and 4 co-op modes, map editor which you can created your own map and share it to your friends, if have you friend. I hope you like my review. Auf Wiedersehen.

Storyline : 5 / 5

Gameplay : 4.8 / 5

Graphics : 5 / 5

Sound and music : 5 / 5

Overall : 9.5 / 10







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