I looking to the mirror,

I see my whole face,

Full of lies and sadness,

Full of dark matter

What is happening right now?

Is there a people fight for human rights?

Is there a people protecting their own religions?

Is there a people saving the environment?

I’m from modern human civilization,

I don’t care about human rights,

I don’t care about religions,

I don’t care about environment

Because what is important to me,

Is money and wealth,

Because that is how the world works today,

Capitalism control us

I just care about business,

I just care about wealth,

I just care about appearance,

Not reality,

I just care about the world,

Not the after world


When I looking back to the mirror again,

I realize that I just kill this world,

I refuse to heal the world,

I’m a taker,Not a giver

If there is any chances to save this world,

I will use it wisely,

I will use my wisdom and talent,

To make this world,

A better place

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