REVIEW (film) – POWER RANGERS (2017)

Go! Go! Power Rangers! It’s Morphin Time! Watching this latest Power Rangers reboot movie brings me back to my childhood memories. Nostalgia baby!!! I knew this popular kids television show when I was 6 years old, when my dad bought me a VCD of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that include 5 or 6 episodes in one disc.  I watched the VCD episodes from Mighty Morphin to In Space seasons (I missed Zeo Season because at that time it’s hard to get VCD episodes of Power Rangers Zeo in Malaysia). And I still keep my 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie VCD. I remember on every Saturday evening, at 6m o’clock, on TV2 (local broadcasting television), I will sit in front of the screen and watch Power Rangers from Lightspeed Rescue to Mystic Force seasons, after that, I stopped watch it because I got some other commitment to do. Not because I don’t like it, but I grow up day by day and that show is for kids. I have to let it go to the next generation to let them enjoy it. But hey! I’m may look like adult outside, but inside I still have my inner child.

Years had passed, then one day, without warning, the new Power Rangers movie came out in 2017. And this is a reboot, which mean is a whole new universe but still maintain the original of Mighty Morphin series. We got the new casts, which I think they are all prefect for their own role. Especially Rj Cyler as Billy/Blue Ranger, he’s nerdy same like the old Billy, but this time he’s really funny and I enjoyed his acting.  Dacre Montgomery as Jason/ Red Ranger, from his look and attitude, I can see he’s the good choice for that leadership role and I want to see him more on the next Power Rangers sequel and what he’s capable of since this is his first movie. Other actors and actress also did the pretty good job! Kudos!!!


For the storyline, it was a different setting from the television series. In the first scene, dinosaur era,  Zordon as the Red Ranger and his team (they’re all aliens) lose to Rita Repulsa which (surprisingly) happens to wear a Green Ranger armor, yes! She’s a Green Ranger with different helmet design. Zordon managed to collect all the power coins from his wounded team and Rita is in front of him, ready to kill Zordon. But before she managed to do that, BAMMM!!! Meteors slammed the Earth surface and kill all the dinosaurs and also the Rangers (Zordon survived by the way), Rita on the other scene is thrown out into the sea (she also survived, don’t worry).

“Are we more like Iron Man or Spiderman?” – Billy

I like this new reboot because the storyline was more mature (you realize that I type the word  ‘kill’ two times in the previous paragraph? This is because this Power Rangers reboot are allowed to use word ‘kill’ and other curse words…for the first time) and suitable for adult big time Power Rangers fans that are still collect Power Rangers toys until now. Five teenagers in this movie had their own problems, is not the same like TV show where the teenagers are happy-go-lucky like they had no problems. This time, in this cynical world, every characters had to deal with real world problems like, bullying, crime, autistic, fake friends and family.

At first, they all don’t know each others. But thanks to Billy, he blew up one of the rocks at gold mine area and all of them managed to the power coins on their hands. Interestingly, even without their suit or armor, they still have that superpower abilities like jumping and crushing things, be like steel. Stuff that normal humans can’t do (or is it?). When they go back to the gold mine area, they found the Zordon command center.


What’s funny was when arrived in the command center, Zordon introduced himself and Alpha 5 was in there too (he said Aye Yi Yi…You happy?). Suddenly, Zordon announced all of that 5 teenagers as the Power Rangers. At first, they all don’t believe what he said, but then when Zordon show a glimpse of Rita’s destruction about how she going to find a Zeo crystal. They believed (that escalated quickly). Zordon then realized that they are all not prepare for this battle. So, everyday, these 5 teenagers need to come to Zordon place and do some training sessions because at this moment they all can’t morph into Power Rangers. They have to work together as one team, one heart. If they can achieve that, then they can morph in their own armor.

“Are we friends or Power Rangers?” – Trini

This is where we get to see some connections between each of the characters because many people seems to think that the second act in this movie was not necessary. For me, it is really necessary because if they not knowing each other. How can they morph into Power Rangers? I can see the second act as a “characters development” because we get to see they build a friendship. You know, to become Power Rangers you need to have a good relationship between your friends. And is Jason’s job as a leader to bring them all together and test his capability as Red Ranger.


Rita Repulsa, she different than the TV show, really different. She’s more scary, more sexy yet terrifying. She’s still got that old Rita humor but it is more to dark humor. I enjoyed Elizabeth Banks as Rita, She did a stellar job, I never thought she can play as villain. I would be cool if she wearing that green ranger helmet for the entire movie and not just in the introduction. For Goldar, I have no problem he’s turned to a giant monster, but at least give him a voice. Looking back to the old Goldar, I still love the old one. I wish they use a different monster other than Goldar.

“We’re like Mamazord…No, Megazord!” – Billy

For the Rangers armor, I like the design, it look very futuristic and yet still maintain the design from the TV show especially at the helmet part. Their armor this time is using an alien’s technology. Maybe that’s why when morph, some kind a liquid will go around their body. I just that they can show how they morph outside of Zordon command center because in here we only get to see they morph inside command center. Overall, I like the suit or armor. Not bashing about it.

Now for the zords, I have no problem the design with the other 4 zords except for Mastodon. Why he have 8 legs? He looks more like a beetle than a mammoth. Each of their zord have their own weapons like machine gun and cannons. Usually when I see all of these 5 zords, Pterodactyl zord from Pink Ranger are seems useless when fighting alone in the TV show. But in these movie, she did a good work, better than other 4 zords.


Megazord? Humanoid. I can say the design are just fine but I kind a disappointed that the transformation process are not showed clearly because at that scene the zords fell down into the Zeo crystal and then they all combined into megazord. Maybe they can show it better next time? But when I saw the toy transformation video for these 5 zords, it was really complicated. Maybe that’s why it was not shown clearly.


Overall I like the movie, it was not too bad. For people who are expecting a lot of action scenes, you not going to get a lot because the action scene came on the third act. Because remember, this is a origin story, it involved a lot of character development.  I just hope we can get a lot of action scenes in the sequel, don’t worry they planning to do 5 more movies for this franchise. If you a Power Rangers fan, you should definitely see it. If you are new to Power Rangers, go see it too.

I’m DanialZuher, signing out. Dasvidanya 

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