30 Years Old In 3 Days

Jack Francis is a 13 years old high school student. He’s a rich boy living with his parents in a big “golden” house. Jack can be described as a student who always wears new clothes, has a clean face with no pimples and also has a nice shiny haircut. But many students at his school didn’t like him because he always have this kind of arrogant and show off attitude. The worst part is, he likes to degrade some students about their poor parents.

While Jack not have many friends, he “owned” three friends, a very loyal one. Well, Jack always give them a “gift” to keep them loyal to him all the time. Jack will using them for his own benefits like helping him to finish his homework, bullying and stealing. At home, Jack often disrespect his mother and father. But his parents not mad at him at all, instead, Jack’s parents continue to give him what he likes to keep Jack happy.


Jack always think he’s the king, he can get whatever he wants. His fortune will never runs out. Not until one day, Jack fall down from the stairs in his home. His parents take him to the hospital, Jack is in pretty bad condition, he’s unconscious. His parents sitting right next to Jack, crying, hoping for Jack to wake up again. The next morning, Jack wake up, but weird thing is, his physical body has been drastically changed. He’s not 13 years old anymore, but 30 years old!

Times has passed, and so with Jack’s parents. The doctor on duty tell Jack that his parents couldn’t survived in car accident yesterday, which explain why Jack have some cuts and scratches on his body. Jack really shocked about what just happened to his family. After the funeral of his parents is over, authorities from several banks come to Jack’s house to tell him that his parents has been blacklisted for having too much debts. So they take back the house, the cars and all other property. Jack got kicked out from his own house. He become from millions to zeroes.

By day two, Jack living homeless on the street. He just sitting in the middle of the crowd and begging for money. But many of people just ignored him, scold him and even worst spit on him. Jack really sad because this remind him when he was a kid, he did spit on some old man who are poorly begging for Jack to give him some money.

By day three, while he sitting and begging for money on the street. He see his three friends that he “used” them back in high school are now become a successful man with rich attire and good occupation. Now Jack remember what his teacher said, “Money have finish line but knowledge will never have finish line.” Jack start to cry and wonder why he was so blind by money. He pray to god, hoping he can turn back time and change his fate.

As he cry, he fainting and when he wake up. He is in hospital with his parents sitting next to him. Jack turn back to 13 years old, he apologize to his parents for all the bad things he had done. The next day, he apologize to his three friends and make a promise to never return to his old bad life


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