Honestly, I’m not very into anime stuff. Is not like I don’t like them, I like it but not to obsessive stages. Sure when I was a kid, I like to watched Naruto, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist and some of other great anime of my childhood. But, as I grow up, the only anime that I watched was Clannad and Attack on Titan… That’s all. I don’t why but maybe because I’m more interested to real life movies.

But something got me interested with Doki Doki Literature Club! Aside from the news and people around always keeps talking about this game. So I decided to give it a try. To be honest (again), I never play dating sims and visual novels games. But I know a little bit about elements that always been used in dating sims game. Usually the game consist of one male protagonist (the player) surrounded by three or four female characters (in Japan they called that Harem). So you as the player need to choose which one of the four female characters that you want to spend time together the most. You only get to choose one.


For all your nerds and Otaku who thinks this game can find your truly love ones… You are totally wrong. This game has visual novel + dating sims + psychological horror. Psychological horror? Yes, I’m not kidding. Well the horror is not like using a jumpscare element to scare you but rather try to messing with your head and emotions with its calm and cute atmosphere lying under its anime songs and characters. The first act, the game will make you feel comfortable with every each of the characters. But when the second and third act starts, that’s when you starts to get punch in the face.

Developed by Team Salvato and released in 22 September 2017 for PC for free. This game starts off with you name your character and after that you will meet with Sayori. Your childhood friend who always wake up late to school and clumsy. She will ask you to join Literature Club but you refuse because you don’t want join any club or still try to choose a clubs. After she make a second attempt to you (with a bribe of a cupcakes) you agree to come to Literature Club.


In there, you will meet three other characters, Natsuki, Yuri, and Monika. After you agreed to join Literature Club. That’s when the fun begins. You are given a task to write a poem. The gameplay is simple, you have to choose words that reflects three character’s personality, Sayori, Yuri and Natsuki. If you choose the most words that reflects one character, you will be able to unlock one special cutscene graphics to get to know the character more. You need to repeat the poem making process three times until you reaches the climax where you witnesses Sayori Death, even if you confessed love to her.

Why? Because Monika has been messing with her character’s file. What file? The game files. Yes, Monika is self-aware that she is in the video game. Talking about breaking the fourth wall. The game will restart and you will get to see on the main menu, Sayori is gone with giltchy boxes around her. All your previous saves are gone and you need to start new game.



The second act is when you starts to see weird things. Yuri and Natsuki behaviors start changes, the game is start to glitch more and more. Messing with Yuri and Natsuki. Monika is the one who is messing with them both. Why? Because when I was playing, I realized that I can’t write poem for Monika.

Even In the game, I rarely see her. The game has no cutscene graphics for her. She got jealous because she can’t dating with the main character. Maybe that’s why she do all of that terrible things in the game. Why? Because the game won’t let her do what are the other three characters are programmed to fall in love with the player (I’m talking to you Dan Salvato). Monika are not programmed to do such a thing. She can’t fall in love with the player. So she need to create one. Even if she need to delete her own friends. Ouch! Sometimes I feel bad for Monika. She try so hard to impress me. But in the end, I feel like a bad guy for tearing apart their friendship.


Music in this game are pretty awesome. The sound of what you expect to be in anime. Every each of the four characters have their own piano rhythm. Gameplay is simple, you just need to read the texts, choose a words to create poem and at some point you have choices gameplay. Graphics is what you expect from other visual novel games, but the characters design is cute and beautiful.

But be warned, this game is not suitable for under 18 because it has some of its violent and depressing moments that maybe some of you could not play it. But if you want to play it, go ahead, play it. The writing and plot are pretty well done crafted. The giltching part is so good that you may think that the game is broken or got hacked. For nerds, you can dream your favorite character, but Monika will haunt you down. Maybe you fall in love with one of the four girls. But for me, I don’t want to fall in love them, I just want them to become friends. Maybe they are better without me.


STORY: 5/5










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