REVIEW (video games) – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2


For first-person shooter fans, especially for Rainbow Six series. Rainbow Six Siege is a must play for gamers who wants to taste the element of FPS, tactical and teamwork. The latest installment in the series features a full online competitive tactical shooter where a group of five people from terrorist and anti-terrorist group will working together and  go guns-blazing against each other in the situation of attacking and defending that involve rescuing hostages and bomb defusing. Destructible environments in the tight space locations allows the players to plan their strategies to set up an ambush from any directions. The new elements itself has made Rainbow Six Siege a critical success. But, for the minority like me, I miss one thing from this series and it is the single-player experience.


Rainbow Six series are always known as a series that features both single-player and multiplayer experience. When Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six: Patriots in 2011, at that time I think the campaign was interesting than the past installments because it tells the story not only from team Rainbow perspective, but also from terrorists and hostages perspective where moral choices and ethical decisions plays an important role in the game.

But sadly, Ubisoft decided to dump the Patriots project into a trash and start with a new project from ground up with a new team members in that project. Their reason? Is because the engine that they had been used in the past installments of Rainbow 6 which is Unreal Engine 3 was already outdated at that time and Ubisoft wanted to create a new engine for their next games for the next generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). I can accept that reason, but what I don’t understand is why Ubisoft not using the power of the new engine to create a single-player campaign for the new Rainbow Six game? Instead, they go for fully online experience.

source: Giantbomb

Anyway, lets focus on Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. This game was released in 2008 by Ubisoft for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. And its using the Unreal Engine 3. It is the first-person shooter/third-person view tactical shooter where you as a leader of team Rainbow, Bishop will lead your two squad members to stop a terrorist attacks in Las Vegas.

The plot is start off with a flashback from Rainbow Six 3 where Bishop working together with Ding Chavez, Gabriel Nowak and Logan Keller in the operation of freeing the hostages from the terrorist in France. Well, things start to go haywire when one of Bishop team members, Nowak acting like a jerk by open fire without Bishop’s permission. As a result, their negotiator died but the hostages are saved.

The story then fast forward to 10 years later, this time Bishop is in Las Vegas with his new team members, Michael and Jung where they suspected a terrorist attack will happen in Las Vegas. At this time, ex-team member, Logan Keller is in Mexico (Rainbow Six:Vegas) trying to stop a weapon smuggling from entering Las Vegas. But, the terrorist managed to bring that weapon in. Thus, the terrorist attacks begins. While the story is not intriguing like other FPS games. But, it keeps the player entertained.

source: keywordlister

The selling point for this game is not on its story, but on its gameplay. For starter, you can customize your character by selecting gender, faces and facial hair. Then, when you want to start playing, you can choose third difficulties which is easy, normal and realistic, every difficulties is different. For example, if you choose an easy, the amount of magazines and grenades will be given more and the player can survive longer. While for the realistic, player will be given less amount of magazines and grenades and also can die after five or six hits.

Whatever your difficulties that you choose, never go run-and-gun in this game, you’ll die faster in the blink of an eye before you even get a chance to strike back. In order to survive longer, you need to use cover system properly. The camera will change from first-person to third-person view at this time. Player can lean up, left and right behind cover and also the best part is blindfire, when your bullets hits the enemies, it is really satisfying. Is like you have the ability to see the enemy without even looking at them.

Also, when you want to use cover, you need to choose the objects that you want to stand behind properly. The objects must be strong and thick so that the bullets can’t penetrate through you. If you find cover behind thin wooden or metal objects, the bullets can penetrate it and you’ll die. But be aware of enemies that using revolver, shotgun or sniper rifle, they single-handedly kill you with one shot.

source: Anandtech

There are more than 30 different type of weapons that includes assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, light machine guns, sub machine guns and sniper rifles. All of that weapons have a different recoil patents but can be controlled by changing selective fires like full auto, burst mode and single shot. Every guns can be add with different attachments like reflex sight, ACOG sight and many more.

Every kills that you get will be rewarded with Experience Points (XP) that will fills up the XP meter and when its full, player will rank up from Private up until Elite. Each ranks will be rewarded with new equipment, clothes, armors and weapons. Also forgot to mention is that this game introduce ACES (Advancement Combat Enhancement and Specialization) where there are three different types of kill which is Assault, CQB and Marksman. Assault are usually when player use lethal grenades to kill enemies, CQB is basically short range kill or kill an enemy behind covers while for Marksman is a long range kill. ACES will help to speed up and fill the XP meter to make sure player can rank up faster.

In battlefield, you can give orders to your teammates like move to designated location, throwing a frag, hold position and regroup. Also, you need to use wisely the Rules of engagement which is weapons free and hold fire. If you want to go stealth, use hold fire because your teammates will change to silence weapons and will only engage the enemies if they have to. Whereas, if you want to go fully loud, use weapons free, your teammates will open fire to any enemies that they encounter.

source: PressFire

Breaching also plays an important role in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 because if you want to enter new room or area, you can’t just enter like an idiot, if you do that, you’ll die. You need to plan first before you enter. Recon the room by using snake cam that can be put under a door. If there are more than one routes, split up so your teammates can clear room A while you clear room B. To set up a breaching, you can orders to your teammates like open and clear, breach and clear, frag and clear, smoke and clear and lastly, flash and clear. You can use these orders depend on what situation you are currently facing. If there’s a hostages, don’t use frag or breach. You’ll kill the hostages and your XP points will be deducted.

Apart from cool gunplay and tactics. You can also customize your character. You can choose gender, facial hairs, faces. There are many different types of armor that will covers your chest, shoulders, arms and legs. But the more you put armor parts on your body, your mobility will be decrease and your can only sprinting for short amount of time. Other than armor, you can choose clothes ranging from different types of helmets, glasses, masks and others. You can also change it with more than 25 different colors.

For music, I think is good as a background music, not to over until you can listen to what goes around you. Even the music use a looping tracks, it were done in the right way that are not too annoying. But my favorite part for the music is when my team were deployed in gymnasium area where I engaged countless of enemies that coming from the roof. At that time, the music really kicks you into the feeling like you’re a part of a special force. The sound of the electronic music really gave me a tension and high awareness and made me to be more careful for every second of it.

maxresdefault (1)

Graphics, is a dated graphics but it still managed to run smoothly when I’m playing it. There was some parts where the glitching happened like when my teammates will just “glued together” and not moving around. Or there was some enemies that were not shown up but still managed to killed you. Sometimes, the voice are not sync with the lips on certain characters. Teammates AI can sometimes be smart especially when they clearing room by room, but sometimes they are moving too slow and not quick to react to incoming enemies. While for enemies AI, they are smart and dangerous, they will flank, throw grenades or rush to your position.

What I don’t like about this game is when they take away your teammates in the oil refinery mission where you go alone against the enemies by yourself. I mean come on! This is a tactical FPS, why do you need to take away your teammates? That’s ridiculous! This is not the first time they done that, in other series like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 also facing a same issue.

source: Giantbomb

Anyway, for hardcore Rainbow Six fans, maybe they think this is not a true and realistic Rainbow Six because it is like the combination between Rainbow Six-Call of Duty-Gears of War. If they want a realistic shooter, they can always go for old but gold Rainbow Six past installments like Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. If you want some action packed with a little bit of tactical elements, this is a game for you.

Hell, if this game are release in 2018, I bet Ubisoft is going to microtransactions this game because all the items and weapons can be obtain by just playing it. Apart from that, the setting is in Las Vegas! The city of gamblers.

Plot: 2/5

Gameplay: 5/5

Graphics: 3/5

Music: 4/5

Overall: 7/10



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