REVIEW (video game) – KILL.SWITCH


I bought this game back in 2010 when I was tired from playing a lots of tactical action shooter games like Rainbow Six 3 and Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30 and also Earned in Blood. I went out to a video games store in hoping to find a PS2 games that contain full with mindless cookie-cutter typical action scenes. And that’s when I found Kill.Switch.

Developed by Namco in 2003. This game was released for PS2, Xbox, PC and Game Boy Advance. It’s a third-person shooter game that focus on using cover system as its core mechanic in the game. From what I read on the internet, this is the first game that introduced cover system in a third-person shooter game. Even the creator of Gears of War series, Cliff Bleszinski credited Kill.Switch’s cover system as their influences when they designed the game. Not only Gears of War series, but also the first Uncharted game also took an inspiration from this game for its cover system mechanic.


But, does the game is good? Was it worth for you? Well, let’s focus on the story first. I have one word for it. Suck. The main protagonist, Nick Bishop is boring and have little emotions. Even when the cutscenes play, I still can understand what the heck is happening. My protagonist is supposed to be some kind of super soldier that controlled by some kind of AI computer that often triggered a memories of a women that I can’t even to cared about. Your enemies are either terrorists or your own agency guy… I don’t know. I don’t like the story.

When the light are almost dying, there’s a little spark of hope for this game especially in terms of gameplay. Nick Bishop can run, crouch, dive and roll and also duck behind objects to use it as a cover. In cover, player can lean left, up and right and has an ability to use blindfire. Player can also aim-down-sight, this will turn the camera perspective from third-person to first-person, but if you use it while you are on standing position, it will return back to third-person, so player need to use it while crouching.


There is no regenerating health, but health can be recover by health packs that are scattered around the map. There several weapons that are provided like M4 M203, MP5 SD, AK-47, shotgun, machine guns, sniper rifle with the inclusion of different types of grenades. Even if you have a chance to run-and-gun, player will die faster. So player need to use the cover system often and properly.

I believed there are six different locations raging from training ground, Middle East to Thailand. But the mission locations are not that big and just linear, so you cannot do some experiment to try different tactics, you will only shooting from corridors to corridors. The only map that I enjoyed was mission in Thailand because the map have different landscape for certain areas and it had laser mines, but still can be avoided. There is not a lot to explore in the areas for any collectables or items, you often will only collect for ammo and health packs. So the replayability in this game is low.


You can choose normal and hard difficulty, but that’s not going to change the enemies AI behaviour. Enemies will still standing on open area and waiting to be shot. But sometimes, they will also take cover. Also, there’s not a lot of types of enemies, you will often engaging the same enemies over and over again.

The graphics are dated, but it can run smoothly while I’m playing it. The character animations sometimes can be a little bit cartoonish, but still acceptable. The good thing is, there were no (or) little glitch when I played this game… As far as I can remember. The soundtrack are ok but forgettable, the voice acting are worst. But the guns and explosions sound are good.

STORY: 1/5




OVERALL: 4.5/10

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