I felt alone,

Darkness inside my heart,

Like a one man trapped inside black room,

I tried to be happy,

I tried to be honest,

I tried to be gentle,

But they are always tried to crush me, destroyed me,

It makes me like I want to kill them,

Every tasks that I had done,

Other people got the rewards,

My works goes under the radar,

I’m not gonna be a suicidal,

My mind still rational,

Suicide is not gonna change my life or afterlife,

I’m still fight my depression,

I’m not gonna let myself feel down,

I always remind myself,

Never give up, never surrender,

You fell down many times,

You get up no matter how hard they crushed you,

You work for yourself and for your families,






Too much is never enough

Sometimes the land is never enough for him,

He wanted more and more,

In order to fulfill his own needs,

He would take whatever he wants on the freedom land,

Even if he have to eliminate other living things,

He don’t want to share his fortune with others,

He become greedy and more greedy,

As he start to enslaved other people,

To working with him,

Until one day,

Bad thing happened and the freedom land torn apart,

People started to fight against him,

Rage at him until they reached the most extreme boiling point,

They killed him,

Never underestimate the power of united,

As it can bring down despotic powerful man like him,

Freedom land become peace,

People share the land and its resources equally,

Because the land was already enough for everyone




Born to be alone

Born to be alone,

Die to be remember


In the most darkest days,

In one small town,

One boy was born,

His mother and father went to see the light,


He was alone,

Like a sunflower living in the cave,

Waiting to be dead,

Society doesn’t want him,

Everybody in that town have their own parents,


He lost both,

So they cursed him,

Saying bad things about him,

He should never been born,

Until one day,


The town got attacked by mysterious creatures,

The creatures ate everyone on the town,

The boy was trying to help as many as he can,

The creatures told them,


To stop the ruthless attack,

Give a child without parents,

So the boy sacrifices himself,

Gave his life to the creatures,

And the town was saved

The people really appreciated what the boy have done,

So they build the tomb to remember him


But that’s not the end of the story,

The boy is not dead,

The mysterious creatures revealed themselves as humans,

One of them is the boy’s father and mother,

They told their kid the reason why they do that,

To bring their kid far away from that town,

Away from that town’s insane belief,

Go to the better place




I looking to the mirror,

I see my whole face,

Full of lies and sadness,

Full of dark matter

What is happening right now?

Is there a people fight for human rights?

Is there a people protecting their own religions?

Is there a people saving the environment?

I’m from modern human civilization,

I don’t care about human rights,

I don’t care about religions,

I don’t care about environment

Because what is important to me,

Is money and wealth,

Because that is how the world works today,

Capitalism control us

I just care about business,

I just care about wealth,

I just care about appearance,

Not reality,

I just care about the world,

Not the after world


When I looking back to the mirror again,

I realize that I just kill this world,

I refuse to heal the world,

I’m a taker,Not a giver

If there is any chances to save this world,

I will use it wisely,

I will use my wisdom and talent,

To make this world,

A better place


In the sparkle of the daylight,

I see the wonderful rainbow,

Shine the soul of sunset,

See the grass grow.

I praise to the mighty god,

For giving me this spirit,

To let me see and heard,

And live into this world.

When the rose turns to red,

It grow slowly with harmony,

It brought the happiness,

Like the melody of daisy.

If you have a very bad day,

Never let it down to you,

Face it like the ocean of peace,

Because that what makes you,

A better person.


I remember our friendship,

Friendship that will never be forgotten,

Either we are young or old,

Dead or alive,

Our friendship will never break

I remember our friendship,

You always take care of me,

I always take care of you,

Whenever we are in trouble,

We always help each other

I remember our friendship,

It just like clouds smiles,

Sometimes we feeling good,

Sometimes we feeling bad,

But it’s alright,

We will face it with calm

I remember our friendship,

I can’t live without you,

Without you,

My life will be darkness,

Like sun never came back to the earth

I remember our friendship,

From the beginning we met,

Till we make our own ways,

I will keep our sweet rainbow memories,

Memories that make my life,

Like falling candy rains


I hope we will meet again,

Share all the good times,

Talking about the future,


Friends connecting humans


The sky is dark,

The sky is fall,

The bird is down,

The human is fall

The weapons is ready,

To tear human apart,

The power of light and dark,

To fight until,

The last blood

The gun sound is everywhere,

The bullets is fly away,

To kill his victim,

The dark soldier,

Kill the innocent light people


The light people,

Will against,

The dark soldier,


Turn them into,

The broken glass

The battle between,

The light and,

The dark,

Will continues,


The world is end

(May Allah protect the people of Palestine from Zion)