Honestly, I’m not very into anime stuff. Is not like I don’t like them, I like it but not to obsessive stages. Sure when I was a kid, I like to watched Naruto, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist and some of other great anime of my childhood. But, as I grow up, the only anime that I watched was Clannad and Attack on Titan… That’s all. I don’t why but maybe because I’m more interested to real life movies.

But something got me interested with Doki Doki Literature Club! Aside from the news and people around always keeps talking about this game. So I decided to give it a try. To be honest (again), I never play dating sims and visual novels games. But I know a little bit about elements that always been used in dating sims game. Usually the game consist of one male protagonist (the player) surrounded by three or four female characters (in Japan they called that Harem). So you as the player need to choose which one of the four female characters that you want to spend time together the most. You only get to choose one.


For all your nerds and Otaku who thinks this game can find your truly love ones… You are totally wrong. This game has visual novel + dating sims + psychological horror. Psychological horror? Yes, I’m not kidding. Well the horror is not like using a jumpscare element to scare you but rather try to messing with your head and emotions with its calm and cute atmosphere lying under its anime songs and characters. The first act, the game will make you feel comfortable with every each of the characters. But when the second and third act starts, that’s when you starts to get punch in the face.

Developed by Team Salvato and released in 22 September 2017 for PC for free. This game starts off with you name your character and after that you will meet with Sayori. Your childhood friend who always wake up late to school and clumsy. She will ask you to join Literature Club but you refuse because you don’t want join any club or still try to choose a clubs. After she make a second attempt to you (with a bribe of a cupcakes) you agree to come to Literature Club.


In there, you will meet three other characters, Natsuki, Yuri, and Monika. After you agreed to join Literature Club. That’s when the fun begins. You are given a task to write a poem. The gameplay is simple, you have to choose words that reflects three character’s personality, Sayori, Yuri and Natsuki. If you choose the most words that reflects one character, you will be able to unlock one special cutscene graphics to get to know the character more. You need to repeat the poem making process three times until you reaches the climax where you witnesses Sayori Death, even if you confessed love to her.

Why? Because Monika has been messing with her character’s file. What file? The game files. Yes, Monika is self-aware that she is in the video game. Talking about breaking the fourth wall. The game will restart and you will get to see on the main menu, Sayori is gone with giltchy boxes around her. All your previous saves are gone and you need to start new game.



The second act is when you starts to see weird things. Yuri and Natsuki behaviors start changes, the game is start to glitch more and more. Messing with Yuri and Natsuki. Monika is the one who is messing with them both. Why? Because when I was playing, I realized that I can’t write poem for Monika.

Even In the game, I rarely see her. The game has no cutscene graphics for her. She got jealous because she can’t dating with the main character. Maybe that’s why she do all of that terrible things in the game. Why? Because the game won’t let her do what are the other three characters are programmed to fall in love with the player (I’m talking to you Dan Salvato). Monika are not programmed to do such a thing. She can’t fall in love with the player. So she need to create one. Even if she need to delete her own friends. Ouch! Sometimes I feel bad for Monika. She try so hard to impress me. But in the end, I feel like a bad guy for tearing apart their friendship.


Music in this game are pretty awesome. The sound of what you expect to be in anime. Every each of the four characters have their own piano rhythm. Gameplay is simple, you just need to read the texts, choose a words to create poem and at some point you have choices gameplay. Graphics is what you expect from other visual novel games, but the characters design is cute and beautiful.

But be warned, this game is not suitable for under 18 because it has some of its violent and depressing moments that maybe some of you could not play it. But if you want to play it, go ahead, play it. The writing and plot are pretty well done crafted. The giltching part is so good that you may think that the game is broken or got hacked. For nerds, you can dream your favorite character, but Monika will haunt you down. Maybe you fall in love with one of the four girls. But for me, I don’t want to fall in love them, I just want them to become friends. Maybe they are better without me.


STORY: 5/5











REVIEW (video games) – RED FACTION



In the future, mankind will fly away from Earth and go straight to Mars. In there, they will be doing a lot work like for example, exploitation resources on Mars. As things go smooth as it should, there will be that one guy who like to ruin everything on Mars. Who’s the guy I’m talking about? I’ll talk with more detail about it in the next paragraphs.

Human likes to rebel, rebel against cruel governments, against wars and anything. And oh, that is happening on Earth, in the future, we will start a rebellion on Mars. What a progress! A rebellion that started by the Red Faction. A first-person shooter game developed by Volition and published by THQ for PlayStation 2 and Windows in 2001.

The story takes place on Mars around the year 2075. Where you play as Parker (a combination of James Bond, Gordon Freeman and Terminator), a miner who leads a rebellion against Ultor Corporation, a company who runs the mining operation on Mars. The miners are mad at Ultor because of how they treated miners like a slave, living under poorly conditions and no human rights. Even worse, a mysterious disease called “Plague” has killed a lot people on Mars.


So, Parker has to fight his way to get the antidote from Dr Capek (this is the guy ruins everything on Mars), who also created “Plague”, nanotechnology and some bizarre experimental monsters. Seriously I’m happy this guy died. Along the way, you will be guided by two people via radio chatter, Eos, leader of the Red Faction and Hendrix. After that, you have to fight a mercenary leader, Masako (Japanese girl? Yeah even I also shocked when I heard it) that tried to stop you from defusing a bomb. The story ends with Earth Defense Force fleets reaches to Mars (after you sent the signal to them) to stop Ultor Corporation once and for all.

This game use the Geo-Mod engine which allowing a player to make a destructible environments. So, if the door was stuck and won’t open, you can just blow up the wall next beside to the door with your explosive charges. You also can make an alternate routes with it. So, basically, this is like an earlier version of Battlefield 3 Frostbite Engine.

On the first level, the Geo-Mod was shown very well on how its performed and the player can play around with this engine because the first level, you are in mining underground tunnels, so there were a lot of rocky walls that you can blow up. However, this engine were less implemented on the very next section of the game because you will be entering places like science labs, secret bases and communication tower. Places like that are using a lot of metal walls, so you can’t blow it up. If there’s a section that you can blow things up, it is scripted, so is not like the first level where you have a freedom to use it. Is a little bit shame, but still a unique taste to the game which will inspired games like Black (PS2) to use destructive environments, but not as hardcore as Red Faction because you also make a hole on the floor.


Gameplay is like any other standard first-person shooters, you will have health and armor pickups. Jump and crouch. It also has auto-aim, but you can disable it. It has manual aim which also function like zoom, it’s hard to use on PS2 but maybe easier on PC. You can carry all weapons that you come across to and each weapons has a secondary fire. From 12mm pistol, auto shotgun, electric baton, shield to rocket launcher. My favorite weapons is assault fire which can fire burst and full-auto with great looking design like assault rifle from Aliens movie. Rail gun which can shoot through wall with a single hit and you also can die instantly if the enemies use the same weapon. But at the very end of the game, when you fighting against elite forces, the only weapons that can kill them faster is Percision rifle, Heavy machine gun and Rail gun. Is like they abandoned all the other weapons, making them feel like useless. You can still use gun like assault rifle to kill elite mercenaries, but is going to takes a lot of bullets.

There are also a vehicle sections where you can drive a submarine, a car mounted with machine gun, mining vehicle and a tank mounted with machine gun and missiles. The annoying part of this game is the stealth section, where you have to disguised by wearing a different clothes to enter Ultor’s building. All your weapons got taken off, leaving you with just a silenced pistol and on this section, you can’t pick up enemy’s weapons, which is weird. They said you can’t be nearer to guards because they will recognize you, but how nearer I should be avoid is not describe with well. I ended up just killing everyone in the building with my silenced pistol. So much for stealth.

Graphics is a bit dated but I understand this is a 2001 game. The graphics are like from Quake 2 engine. The animations are consist of polygons but still managed to runs smoothly. The cutscenes are a little bit way off with a wrong camera angles at some places and also the lip sync are not synchronize well. Despite all of that, I can still accept the graphics limitations.


AI in this game can be deceiving to a player at some point. Their behaviors can change according to your actions. Like when pull out your gun to a civilian, they will say “Wait! I’m on your side.” But then when you turned away from them they will run and shout “Help! Guards!” And then press an alarm button. Dammit! Rookie mistake!

The enemies also can cheat on you like when they know they will die. They will “fake surrender” by run away from you and say “Please! Don’t shoot!” But they run away to silently reload their gun before they start shooting back at you. So it adds a little bit interesting and challenging to a gunfights.

Music are composed by Dan Wentz, the sounds are more using synthesizer instruments which fits well with the atmosphere and the tone of the game. Giving the feel of the game more Sci-fi and futuristic. Even the animations are not that good, but the voice actors in this game are doing a pretty good job. But man oh man, the screams voice from the civilians is the best in this game, I don’t why but their screams is like there are really in pain a lot.



To wrap this up, this game has a decent story with a good gameplay and atmosphere. Sure the graphics are low but this game provides a campaign a playtime up to 5 to 8 hours or more if you choose a higher difficulty. It gets more challenging as you reach to a higher level. Good variations of weapons and a Geo-Mod technology. If you want to play some good old FPS, you might want to pick this up. Give it a try, you might like it. You can pick this game now on Steam and also for PlayStation 4 on PlayStation Network.

Story: 3.5/5

Gameplay: 4/5

Graphics: 3.5/5

Music and sound: 4/5

Overall: 7/10






REVIEW (film) – POWER RANGERS (2017)

Go! Go! Power Rangers! It’s Morphin Time! Watching this latest Power Rangers reboot movie brings me back to my childhood memories. Nostalgia baby!!! I knew this popular kids television show when I was 6 years old, when my dad bought me a VCD of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that include 5 or 6 episodes in one disc.  I watched the VCD episodes from Mighty Morphin to In Space seasons (I missed Zeo Season because at that time it’s hard to get VCD episodes of Power Rangers Zeo in Malaysia). And I still keep my 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie VCD. I remember on every Saturday evening, at 6m o’clock, on TV2 (local broadcasting television), I will sit in front of the screen and watch Power Rangers from Lightspeed Rescue to Mystic Force seasons, after that, I stopped watch it because I got some other commitment to do. Not because I don’t like it, but I grow up day by day and that show is for kids. I have to let it go to the next generation to let them enjoy it. But hey! I’m may look like adult outside, but inside I still have my inner child.

Years had passed, then one day, without warning, the new Power Rangers movie came out in 2017. And this is a reboot, which mean is a whole new universe but still maintain the original of Mighty Morphin series. We got the new casts, which I think they are all prefect for their own role. Especially Rj Cyler as Billy/Blue Ranger, he’s nerdy same like the old Billy, but this time he’s really funny and I enjoyed his acting.  Dacre Montgomery as Jason/ Red Ranger, from his look and attitude, I can see he’s the good choice for that leadership role and I want to see him more on the next Power Rangers sequel and what he’s capable of since this is his first movie. Other actors and actress also did the pretty good job! Kudos!!!


For the storyline, it was a different setting from the television series. In the first scene, dinosaur era,  Zordon as the Red Ranger and his team (they’re all aliens) lose to Rita Repulsa which (surprisingly) happens to wear a Green Ranger armor, yes! She’s a Green Ranger with different helmet design. Zordon managed to collect all the power coins from his wounded team and Rita is in front of him, ready to kill Zordon. But before she managed to do that, BAMMM!!! Meteors slammed the Earth surface and kill all the dinosaurs and also the Rangers (Zordon survived by the way), Rita on the other scene is thrown out into the sea (she also survived, don’t worry).

“Are we more like Iron Man or Spiderman?” – Billy

I like this new reboot because the storyline was more mature (you realize that I type the word  ‘kill’ two times in the previous paragraph? This is because this Power Rangers reboot are allowed to use word ‘kill’ and other curse words…for the first time) and suitable for adult big time Power Rangers fans that are still collect Power Rangers toys until now. Five teenagers in this movie had their own problems, is not the same like TV show where the teenagers are happy-go-lucky like they had no problems. This time, in this cynical world, every characters had to deal with real world problems like, bullying, crime, autistic, fake friends and family.

At first, they all don’t know each others. But thanks to Billy, he blew up one of the rocks at gold mine area and all of them managed to the power coins on their hands. Interestingly, even without their suit or armor, they still have that superpower abilities like jumping and crushing things, be like steel. Stuff that normal humans can’t do (or is it?). When they go back to the gold mine area, they found the Zordon command center.


What’s funny was when arrived in the command center, Zordon introduced himself and Alpha 5 was in there too (he said Aye Yi Yi…You happy?). Suddenly, Zordon announced all of that 5 teenagers as the Power Rangers. At first, they all don’t believe what he said, but then when Zordon show a glimpse of Rita’s destruction about how she going to find a Zeo crystal. They believed (that escalated quickly). Zordon then realized that they are all not prepare for this battle. So, everyday, these 5 teenagers need to come to Zordon place and do some training sessions because at this moment they all can’t morph into Power Rangers. They have to work together as one team, one heart. If they can achieve that, then they can morph in their own armor.

“Are we friends or Power Rangers?” – Trini

This is where we get to see some connections between each of the characters because many people seems to think that the second act in this movie was not necessary. For me, it is really necessary because if they not knowing each other. How can they morph into Power Rangers? I can see the second act as a “characters development” because we get to see they build a friendship. You know, to become Power Rangers you need to have a good relationship between your friends. And is Jason’s job as a leader to bring them all together and test his capability as Red Ranger.


Rita Repulsa, she different than the TV show, really different. She’s more scary, more sexy yet terrifying. She’s still got that old Rita humor but it is more to dark humor. I enjoyed Elizabeth Banks as Rita, She did a stellar job, I never thought she can play as villain. I would be cool if she wearing that green ranger helmet for the entire movie and not just in the introduction. For Goldar, I have no problem he’s turned to a giant monster, but at least give him a voice. Looking back to the old Goldar, I still love the old one. I wish they use a different monster other than Goldar.

“We’re like Mamazord…No, Megazord!” – Billy

For the Rangers armor, I like the design, it look very futuristic and yet still maintain the design from the TV show especially at the helmet part. Their armor this time is using an alien’s technology. Maybe that’s why when morph, some kind a liquid will go around their body. I just that they can show how they morph outside of Zordon command center because in here we only get to see they morph inside command center. Overall, I like the suit or armor. Not bashing about it.

Now for the zords, I have no problem the design with the other 4 zords except for Mastodon. Why he have 8 legs? He looks more like a beetle than a mammoth. Each of their zord have their own weapons like machine gun and cannons. Usually when I see all of these 5 zords, Pterodactyl zord from Pink Ranger are seems useless when fighting alone in the TV show. But in these movie, she did a good work, better than other 4 zords.


Megazord? Humanoid. I can say the design are just fine but I kind a disappointed that the transformation process are not showed clearly because at that scene the zords fell down into the Zeo crystal and then they all combined into megazord. Maybe they can show it better next time? But when I saw the toy transformation video for these 5 zords, it was really complicated. Maybe that’s why it was not shown clearly.


Overall I like the movie, it was not too bad. For people who are expecting a lot of action scenes, you not going to get a lot because the action scene came on the third act. Because remember, this is a origin story, it involved a lot of character development.  I just hope we can get a lot of action scenes in the sequel, don’t worry they planning to do 5 more movies for this franchise. If you a Power Rangers fan, you should definitely see it. If you are new to Power Rangers, go see it too.

I’m DanialZuher, signing out. Dasvidanya 

REVIEW (video game) – Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2


After an outstanding performance of Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare in 2007. Activision and Infinity Ward strike again with its sequel Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 or…just Modern Warfare 2 in 2009 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. This time with better guns, lots of emotional scenes and not to forget a huge bang.

“Since when Shepard cares about danger close.”


Well the story begins few years after the event of previous game. Ultranationalists seize control over Russia with Boris Vorshevsky becomes a new leader after the dead of original leader Imran Zakhaev. Vorshevsky wants to make a diplomatic friendship with west, more specific U.S.  But one of member in Ultranationalists, Vladimir Makarov (also a right hand man of Imran Zakhaev) does not agreed with that new leader decision. So, Makarov formed Inner Circle to show the protest against west by conducting terrorism act on international soil.

Back in Afghanistan, General Shepard recruited PFC. Joseph Allen to join him in undercover CIA mission by impersonated Allen under the name of Alexei Borodin so that Allen can enter Makarov organization. Makarov was not stupid, of course he knew Allen’s real identity. What Makarov do? He ‘invites’ Alexei aka Allen to joined him in operation called ‘No Russian’ on Zakhaev International Airport. What’s the objective? Hah, simple. Kill all civilians. Yup, No Russian was a really controversial mission in Modern Warfare 2. Dammit! It even have a skip button if the player don’t want to play that level.

Makarov’s no prize. He’s a whore. A mad-dog killer for the highest-bidder.


Back to No Russian, after Makarov, Alexei and his team killed lots of civilians and some unlucky security guards. They having a gun fight with some FSB special forces. But all slaughtered by Makarov and his team, well technically I was the one who doing all the job and they are just pew! pew! spread the bullets all around but not even hit a single target. Suck my team! Even worse, I got killed by my own boss! Yes, Makarov killed Allen.

“The American thought he could deceive us. When they find that body… all of Russia will cry for war.


You see where this goes?  Makarov just created a World War 3 event. By killing Allen, the American. When Russian authorities found Allen’s body. They will say like this, “Eto massovoye ubiystvo bylo sdelano amerikanskimi , voyna ! voyna! voyna!” Which translate to “This massacre was done by American. War! War! War!”

While Sergeant Foley and Corporal Dunn ordered Private Ramirez to clean their weapons, toilets and clothes. Russian forces are on their way to launch an invasion against America. This is where the American campaign begin and also where the “Ramirez do everything” memes started. Again, suck my unit! Oh, I forgot to mention, you played as Private Ramirez, a U.S. Army Ranger. Be prepared to take orders from Sergeant Foley, Corporal Dunn and all other teammates will mention Ramirez’s name. Is like Ramirez is their only hope to save Uncle Sam.

“Ramirez! Take your team and secure the Burger Town.”

Oddly, this war against American can give an advantages to General Shepard. As the whole U.S. military are all under his command, he also command a Task Force 141. An elite multinational task force which include team members like Ghost (the spirit voice of Gaz), Sergeant Gary “Roach” Sanderson and the return of John “Soap” MacTavish who have been ranked up from Sergeant to Captain. Task Force 141 missions mostly take places in international countries and involve more in behind enemy lines.  After in Call of Duty 4, he only got a both hands and a gun, now Soap got a full complete body with a cool mohawk hairstyle. Yey!!! Congratulation Soap! You are now officially a human.

Back to General Shepard, why this war can be a good thing to Shepard? Well you see, he wants to gain back his pride, glory and dignity after his failure military campaign in middle east (COD 4) that caused 30,000 U.S. Marines dead under his command by nuclear explosion. Shepard already knew Allen will get killed by Makarov. Bloody hell Shepard with his heroic dialogue. I thought he was a good guy went I first time play this game.

But no, he just same as Makarov. A man who sacrifice many innocent lives only to achieve his own personal goals. After he got all what he needs, he erased all non-important peoples. So that he can take out Makarov with his own hands. So his history will be written in a book. He wanted to be a war hero.

Do NOT trust Shepherd! I say again: DO NOT TRUST SHEPHERD!


Also, Captain Price later returned in a game after Soap save him in Gulag Prison in Russia. As Soap and Price know Shepard real plan. They go hunting him down. Killing all Shadow Company forces in Site Hotel Bravo where Shepard hiding. And lastly kill Shepard.

As for the gameplay, the element are just the same like previous game. Shoot all bad guys. There are some new additional weapons like FN2000, Vector, FAL, UMP-45 and many more. But what kept me coming back to play this game is a Spec Ops mode. Oh yeah,  test yourself with various of challenges that the mode provided in different missions like racing, sniping, bomb defusing, body count and many more. Furthermore, a higher difficulty will earn more stars and this stars can unlocked five groups (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo) that contain different missions.

For the graphics, is an upgraded from its predecessor by using IW 4.0 engine. For the soundtrack, it’s amazing, composed by Hans Zimmer  and Lorne Balfe. If soundtrack in COD 4 was more like rock theme, awesomeness and more engaging. MW2 soundtrack was more to dramatic, emotional and epicness.

Voice actors are also great which includes Lance Henriksen from Aliens as General Shepard, Kevin Mckidd as Soap MacTavish with his Scottish accent, Barry Pepper from Saving Private Ryan as Corporal Dunn, Keith David as Sergeant Foley, Craig Fairbrass as Ghost and not to forget Billy Murray as Captain Price.

Did I enjoy it? Yes. The storyline is what keeps Modern Warfare 2 great. A lot of memorable moments and nice script writing. Spec Ops was a great addition to the game. Totally the best first-person shooter for Modern Warfare series.

And not to forget. “RAMIREZ! Take this knife and destroy that enemy helicopter.”

Proshchay (goodbye).

Storyline : 5 / 5

Gameplay : 4 / 5

Graphics : 4 / 5

Sound and voice actors : 5 / 5

Overall :  9 / 10




REVIEW (Video game) – FAR CRY 3

 “What is the definition of insanity? Is doing the same f**king thing over and over again.” Oh yeah! Vaas was the best character in Far Cry 3. Is like he brought us (player) into the world of insanity that full with brutality, madness and wired fantasy, on the island that was full with mystery things, waiting for player to discover it. Jason Brody’s mind almost want to follow the same root like Vaas, which is very dangerous. Interesting personality from awesome Vaas Montenegro is what makes Far Cry 3 is the best video game title for year 2012.


    Far Cry 3 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal in conjunction with Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Massive, Ubisoft Reflections and Red Storm Entertainment, published by Ubisoft in the year 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. This game used Dunia Engine 2 that has been upgraded to get the best quality in terms of graphics, animations, motion capture and audio, better from its predecessor, Far Cry 2. The word “Dunia” means “world” in English, this word has been used in Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, Bengali, Persian, Punjabi, Swahili, Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu and Nepali languages.



    You will play as Jason Brody, town boy, pampered and still confused with his directions of life in the future. Jason go on vacation with his younger brother, Riley and Grant, his girlfriend, Liza, and his friends, Daisy, Oliver and Keith in Bangkok, Thailand to celebrate Riley for getting his pilot’s license. While skydiving, they land on the tropical island that located between Indian and Pacific Oceans, Rook Island. Unfortunately for them,  they are all been captured by pirates led by Vaas and was held in the camps, waiting to be sell. Jason manages to run away from that camp, but not for his brother, Grant. Grant died shot to the neck by Vaas.



    After fell down into the river. Jason were saved by Dennis Rogers, a man working for Rakyat tribe. Dennis see the potential of Jason to follow Rakyat tradition “Path of the warrior” on a mission to rescue his friends and at the same time help Citra, leader of the Rakyat to eliminate Vaas and Hoyt, a businessman who runs slave trader and drug trafficking business.



Gameplay in Far Cry 3 was very challenging and fun. On the Rook Island, you can go and explore anywhere you want because this is an open-world game. There’s a lot of hidden items that can be found around the island like collecting letters from dead Japanese soldiers, memory cards and ancient artifacts. Far Cry 3 also used experience points system, your character will be weak at the earlier of the game, but as you progress the game, Jason Brody will become stronger. Each kills will rewarded you with XP points, which will fill up the XP meter. When the meter is full, you will get one skill point. And this skill points, you can used it to upgrade at the skill trees.



  There are three sections in skill trees, Shark, Heron and Spider. Each of this sections has different abilities like Spider for stealth takedowns and hunting skill, Heron for long-range takedowns and mobility, Shark for assault takedowns and health. When one skill has been unlocked in one of the three sections. Players can use that abilities as an advantage to defeat the enemies. Abilities that you can use is sliding, fireproof, faster sprint, better fire from the hip, higher accuracy while shooter, longer breath while using sniper rifle and swimming, reduce damages when you fall down and etc.



On this island, is not just human that you have to worried about, wild animals around this tropical island also you have to worried. There are numerous of wild animals in Far Cry 3, some of them are not dangerous, herbivore like tapir, deer, buffalo, birds, boar and etc. Unless you act like an ass to them, they will attack on you. For dangerous animals, carnivore, eat flesh like Sumatran tiger, wild bear, shark, leopard, wild dogs and the most I hated, Cassowary bird. This Cassowary really likes to find trouble, they will move slowly towards me and suddenly attack with his claws, it really annoyed me. Anyway, you can skinning the animals after you killed it. And then, you can use that skin to upgrade number of weapons that you can carry, more ammo, more grenades and more syringes.



    In the earlier game, you can only use one weapon only, but as you progress to hunt down certain animals, you can carry your weapons up to four. Grenades, C4, mines and molotov can be brought up to twelve. Numbers of syringe also can be carry up to 15. This game used health meter, which I liked it. You can be healed by using health syringes. You can crafting your syringes by using plants around the Rook island. There’s a lot of plants on the island, with different colours. Each of this colour on the plants represent different kind of abilities that players can use like green for health, yellow for Jason’s hunting skill, red to increase Jason’s focus in combat, blue for enhancing Jason’s exploration capabilities, white to focus effects in fight. If you can complete certain missions, you can get secret recipes to craft a new syringe. You can combine certain plants to create that new syringe.

  While shooting, players can take cover behind objects, peek/lean left and right and also blindfire. You are free to choose the way you play in this game, stealth or guns blazing. Players also can perform silent takedowns by performing melee attacks from above, front, back and below. Players can use camera to highlight enemies and animals to keep tracking their movement. Enemies also have different types, heavy gunner, assaulter, defender, charger, flamer, sniper and berserker. Other than completing main missions, you can also complete side missions like helping local peoples around the island, attacking enemies outposts will make allies to take back that located area from the enemies, activating radio towers will reveal location of the area. Far Cry 3 also have mini games like poker, knife throwing, hunting, supply drop, trial of the rakyat, wanted dead and etc.



  Weapons can be purchased at weapon stores or you can get it for free by just activating more radio towers. There are more than 35 different weapons that you can choose like P416, AK-47, F1, 1911, MS16, U100, MKG, flamethrower and many more. All of these weapons can be customized by putting an attachments like red dot sight, silencer, extended magazines. Except for AK-47, RPG-7 and GL-94 which can only changed weapon camo. My favorite weapons in Far Cry 3? M-700 for long-range, U100, P416 and silencer pistol Shadow. In that 35 types of weapons, there are also “Signature Weapons” which its weapons are more just the same as you already had. Just more powerful.



  There’re few types of vehicles that player can use like jeep, normal cars, ATV, jet ski, Buggy, hang glider, and truck. Control for driving sequence is nice as well as when in combat. Vehicles that is almost non-working can be repaired by using repair tools. Hang glider was the best in the game, when you drive this thing, you can see the view of the island while you fly through the air. Driving ATV are also fun and challenging. But the down side was, you can’t shoot while you drive. 


Graphics in this game are really beautiful, colourful, is like it really brought us into that island, I can feel the jungle and the sea are come up alive. It has a dynamic weather system, nice water and fire effects. If players use molotov or flamethrower, fire will spread out onto grass and trees, which you want to stay clear if you using fire stuff. While the enemy A.I. was just average, but that’s not going to jeopardize your gameplay experience, don’t worry. The motion capture are also the best. Music score was composed by Brian Tyler, his soundtrack enough to give us feels like we were hunting the enemies or be hunted.  Skrillex song, Make it bun dem sing by Damian Marley was really fits well on a mission where Jason objective is to burn Hoyt’s drug farms. This was a mission that changed Jason’s life from become sissy to a man who obsessed with killing people.



 There are some elements from Far Cry 2 have, that also needs to be in Far Cry 3. Weapons jammed and healing animations. Ubisoft supposed to brought in weapons jammed system from previous game in this game because it can put the players outside from comfort zone and to be more worried about their struggle to maintain weapons condition. Healing animations in Far Cry 3 only have like three to four animations only while in Far Cry 2 had more than that, even some of it was not logic, but it’s interesting.


Like Far Cry 2, we can choose any factions that we want to join. But in Far Cry 3, we can join Rakyat only. I always wanted to join Vaas pirates, what is likes to be a bad guy because from what I’m see, Vaas really didn’t liked his sister, Citra who practicing mystical ritual and believes in wired and ridiculous stuff. Which can be the main reason why Vaas rebel against his sister, but unfortunately for Vaas, he was poisoned by Hoyt with money, drugs and cruelty. Also, Vaas are insane in the extreme ways, which can make normal minded person like Jason Brody will never accept Vaas as a human being. In the end of the game, Jason’s mind also become almost the same like Vaas, but Vaas far more insane. There are two different ending you can choose, save Jason’s friends or stay on the island with the Rakyat. What’s interesting in here is we as a player are given power to choose the right path for Jason’s life. But Jason said he was gonna stay on the island because he thinks that is his right path. So, we, we as a player to enlightening Jason back to the right path, so he can remember who he really is, where he came from, to save his friends and get out of there. If we just let it go, we failed and Jason will fall into a deep darkness. This game teaches me not to forget who am I, where I came from, even I wander through many different places around the globe.


If you like this game, you can buy it on game stores or online. This game received well of its interesting storyline, characters, graphics and gameplay, is like “killing while on vacation” package. Far Cry 3 also gives you multiplayer and 4 co-op modes, map editor which you can created your own map and share it to your friends, if have you friend. I hope you like my review. Auf Wiedersehen.

Storyline : 5 / 5

Gameplay : 4.8 / 5

Graphics : 5 / 5

Sound and music : 5 / 5

Overall : 9.5 / 10









    In all Call of Duty that I already played before. I think this is the first Call of Duty that introduce us to gore animations, you know, head got blown off by a shotgun and both hands and legs got crippled, creepy stuff but fun to watch while you play. I played this game on my old computer in year 2009 and then I tried to play it on Xbox 360 in the year end of 2013. But I find out, I was more fun playing this game on PC because, you know, the mouse is far more fast responsive than a console controller.

    Call of Duty : World at War is a first-person shooter developed by Treyarch and published by Activision in the year November 2008 for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, Nintendo DS and PS2 ( Call of Duty : World at War Final Fronts, different version). It using the IW 3.0 engine, the same engine used for Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare with an upgrade development on audio and visual effects. And this was my third favorite video game for World War 2 setting. My second favorite was Call of Duty 2, while the first one was Medal of Honor : Airborne.


    In single-player campaign, the player controls three different characters. The player first assumes the role of Private C. Miller, United States Marine Corps’ 1st Division in the Pacific campaign, United States against Empire of Japan. My favorite missions for Pacific Campaign was ‘Little Resistance’ where you storm the White Beach of Peleliu island and gave you control to call in a rocket strikes was an awesome experience. ‘Burn ’em out’ and ‘Relentless’ are also my favorite missions, you are giving a chance to use a flamethrower which has a cool fire burning effects on Japanese army bodies, it was pretty scary when you looked at it, but the real war is far more scary.

     Deployable Browning M1919 and M1897 Trench gun are the best weapons for Pacific campaign. If you want to see gory death animations, use both of this weapons, they are powerful and I liked it. “Tenoheka, BANZAI!!!!” Japanese army are crazy as hell in this game, they will charge at you using their Banzai attack. They will charge in one group, if one of them get on you, he will try to stab at you using his bayonet. But if you tap the melee button fast, your character will stab back right to his neck using a knife. Japanese army also like to hidden in the bushes, on the top of trees and pretend to be death. All of this are smart moves by Japanese and also, deathly.


    The second playable character is Petty Officer Locke, a weapon operator on a PBY Catalina flying boat during the mission “Black Cats”, still in Pacific Theater. This mission are also awesome. You are giving a control to use 30. Cal and 50. Cal machine guns and also 20MM cannons to destroy Japanese merchant ships and also f**king PT boats. It was a cool mission with a great music, a great combination of Japanese and other South East Asian music instruments brings an intense moment to the mission like Japanese Zeroes using Kamikaze attack on U.S. fleet.

    The third playable character is a Red Army, Private Dimitri Petrenko on Eastern Front, fighting against Nazi Germany. In Eastern Front campaign, Russian are really kicking Nazi’s butt. You will start at the Stalingrad, Russian got defeated, but not too long until Russian have their revenge in the mission “Their land, Their blood”. Russian slaughter every German soldier in the Battle of Seelow Heights. Favorite weapons for this Russian campaign? Deployable MG 42, MP 40 and Deployable FG 42.


   Russian are really like to drink Vodka, what will you get when you combine fire with Vodka? Molotov! Yeah, Russian are very good with Molotov. Threw the Molotov at German soldier, burning alive, you can feel Russian really want to get their revenge at the Berlin. German soldier are not aggressive like Japanese soldier. You also get to control a tank that loaded with cannon and flamethrower.

    You have four different difficulty, recruit, regular, hardened and veteran. On veteran, the enemies will spamming a lot of grenades at your position and you will die after three to five hits. It’s fun yet challenging. Graphics are good, an improvement from previous game. The fire effects and gore animations are really good. Voice acting are also good, you got Kiefer Sutherland as Corporal Roebuck and Gary Oldman as Sergeant Viktor Reznov. Music are the best, composed by Sean Murray, it gave a me a scary and brutal feeling about the war.


    If you like this game, you can buy it now at game stores or online. It has a good campaign with a great atmosphere about how badly and brutal this World War 2 . Gore animations is what keep me coming to play this game over and over again. It also have Nazi zombies which was a great addition to the game and a good multiplayer. I hope you like my review.

Story : 4  / 5

Gameplay : 4.5 / 5

Graphics : 4 / 5

Sound and music : 5 / 5

Overall : 8 / 10