30 Years Old In 3 Days

Jack Francis is a 13 years old high school student. He’s a rich boy living with his parents in a big “golden” house. Jack can be described as a student who always wears new clothes, has a clean face with no pimples and also has a nice shiny haircut. But many students at his school didn’t like him because he always have this kind of arrogant and show off attitude. The worst part is, he likes to degrade some students about their poor parents.

While Jack not have many friends, he “owned” three friends, a very loyal one. Well, Jack always give them a “gift” to keep them loyal to him all the time. Jack will using them for his own benefits like helping him to finish his homework, bullying and stealing. At home, Jack often disrespect his mother and father. But his parents not mad at him at all, instead, Jack’s parents continue to give him what he likes to keep Jack happy.


Jack always think he’s the king, he can get whatever he wants. His fortune will never runs out. Not until one day, Jack fall down from the stairs in his home. His parents take him to the hospital, Jack is in pretty bad condition, he’s unconscious. His parents sitting right next to Jack, crying, hoping for Jack to wake up again. The next morning, Jack wake up, but weird thing is, his physical body has been drastically changed. He’s not 13 years old anymore, but 30 years old!

Times has passed, and so with Jack’s parents. The doctor on duty tell Jack that his parents couldn’t survived in car accident yesterday, which explain why Jack have some cuts and scratches on his body. Jack really shocked about what just happened to his family. After the funeral of his parents is over, authorities from several banks come to Jack’s house to tell him that his parents has been blacklisted for having too much debts. So they take back the house, the cars and all other property. Jack got kicked out from his own house. He become from millions to zeroes.

By day two, Jack living homeless on the street. He just sitting in the middle of the crowd and begging for money. But many of people just ignored him, scold him and even worst spit on him. Jack really sad because this remind him when he was a kid, he did spit on some old man who are poorly begging for Jack to give him some money.

By day three, while he sitting and begging for money on the street. He see his three friends that he “used” them back in high school are now become a successful man with rich attire and good occupation. Now Jack remember what his teacher said, “Money have finish line but knowledge will never have finish line.” Jack start to cry and wonder why he was so blind by money. He pray to god, hoping he can turn back time and change his fate.

As he cry, he fainting and when he wake up. He is in hospital with his parents sitting next to him. Jack turn back to 13 years old, he apologize to his parents for all the bad things he had done. The next day, he apologize to his three friends and make a promise to never return to his old bad life



Earth 2.0

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I hope, when I type this message. They will find out the truth. It all begins in a year 2020, when NASA discover the what they called ‘Earth 2.o’ or Kepler-185d. It has a right and a good conditions for human’s life. It was located on UDW-215 galaxy. By the year 2030, NASA created a high-tech communication system that can contact Earth 2.0. To see if anyone live on that planet, maybe aliens, maybe homo-sapiens, I don’t know.

NASA sent a message by saying, “Hello, is anyone there?”. Shockingly, they  got a reply, a reply. “Yes, we live in here.”. We are so excited and happy about the reply from that planet. Even better, the ‘creatures’ in planet Earth 2.0 sent another message to us. “We can make a good relationship. If you have time, come, visit us.” That second message made us more happy.

Me and the other staff in NASA launched Operation Second Earth (OSE) in 2031. Our objectives, to build the most advanced spacecraft technology to fly to Earth 2.0. By the year 2040, I was 40 years old at that time. NASA selected me, Jasper, Connor and Morgan as a chosen astronaut to proceed this Operation Second Earth. In a same year, spacecraft ILLUMINATE launched to the outer space, to the Earth 2.0.

It was really heavy for me and the other crew to leave Earth. To leave my mom, my dad, my wife and my two kids. Looking down there, lot of changes happened on earth, from greener became metal and overpopulated. Maybe when we start making a good relationship with ‘creatures’ on Earth 2.0, maybe we can brought some of human on Earth to Earth 2.0.

Is a long journey, me and the other crew had been in hypersleep for a long time. At last, we arrived at planet Earth 2.0. Is a same like earth, have sun and daily day and night cycle. I’m very surprise that what we called ‘creatures’ was actually human, like us. They are really polite, kind and generous to us. Really different from human back on Earth. There are no killing, no genocides, and we not see any soldier or weapons in Earth 2.0. Human in Earth 2.0 are really working together when they are up to something, their spirit of solidarity are better than human on Earth.

When my right leg step onto the surface of that planet. I felt like alive again, I felt young again, everything looks fresh. The air are clean, there are no factories with dirty dark smoke. They also using a technologies like us, but more greener. Trees, jungles and animals are almost have a similarities like back on Earth. Only the different is, it was all extinct on Earth. The water on the rivers and beaches are very crystal clear and clean to drink and swim.

Human in Earth 2.0 daily life are only to survive, working together to grow a food and building a shelters.They are mostly vegetarians and only eat meat once in a month but eat a lot of fish. They using a same languages like us and wearing a more civilized proper clothes. Surprisingly, they also have cars and motorcycles. But they using water, air and sun energy to power up the machines. I always wonder back on Earth, why are we still not imply the usage of this greener energy and still need to use fossil fuel and diesel? Earth 2.0 has no fossil fuel, they fill it up with water to their vehicles.

We are invited by el-Khaled’s family to his house. A generous guy, his wife cooking are really delicious. His two daughter are very cute. They live together with their parents. Looking their family remind me to my family back on Earth. They treated us like we part of their family. There’s no hate, just love, caring, sharing and honesty. When I asked Khaled about who’s the leader on this planet. He replied with, “we are all leaders, we accept others ideas and opinions, combine it to make a positive changing for our planet.” But he added, “But we have city leaders to wrap things better.”

While me, Jasper, Connor and Morgan having a great stay in this planet. We examine and doing some reports about Earth 2.0 and sent it back to NASA headquarter. People in here are not mad if we are doing some inspection on them or other habitable species. Our outcomes found nothing different about them, they just like us, same body, same bones, same DNA. We didn’t realize we are already staying on this planet for years. I should felt older, but the environment on this planet kept me stronger.

Until one day, a really bad day. 2080, a giant spacecrafts landing on this planet, it came from Earth. All those spacecrafts have their own corporate companies logo on it. That corporate peoples, isn’t it enough they ruined people’s life back on Earth with their money-grabber companies. Capitalism, always try to be gods and make others look like slaves. They came in with arrogant face and said “We will help all of you to make this planet a better place. New land. New economy. New laws.”

After a few weeks, those corporate peoples started to build buildings for their companies. Humans on Earth 2.0 are just go with the flow. They easily agreed with terms and rules of they will work for corporation with money that doesn’t even have value, but very valuable to human. Paper money. Human on Earth 2.0 still didn’t know what is money. They live without currency, just barter exchange. I had to warned them. I doesn’t want them to be live like human on Earth, being slaves without they even knowing.

So, me and my crews made a public speech. To tell them the true agenda about this corporate companies. I told them to fight back. Protect their planet. Why I’m doing this? Because I didn’t want their Earth becomes our Earth. Look what happened to our planet! Extinction, Wars, hates, judgemental, liars, killers, materialistic are everywhere! I felt so shame and that is why I don’t want them to be like us.

But one thing I learnt from human Earth 2.0. Self-defense is important. They are too kind, too kind to accept anything without even thinking. And that was their weakness. They didn’t even know how to fight. While we doing speeches, that bastards, corporate peoples arrested us and jailed us. After a few weeks, we managed to escape, but Jasper and Connor shot dead by paramilitary contractor. It just me and Morgan. We need to get out from this planet and tell the truth to the people on Earth because there’s no use to tell human in Earth 2.0. They’ll just follow what orders are given by the corporations.

But we find out that one of our NASA highest ranking individual has encouraged this corporations to launched an economic invasion on Earth 2.0. Exploited every natural resources in Earth 2.0. Dammit!!! We were supposed to make good relationship with human on Earth 2.0 and this is what they called “good-relationship”? Hell started to raised up. Factories raised like big monsters with dirty dark smoke. Environment in Earth 2.0 started to messed up. Corporations started to throw money to their faces. And human in Earth 2.0 started to thirsty for money and workaholics.

We failed to reach the spacecraft, we been hunted by paramilitary corporations. Morgan died from heavy blood loss. I managed to hiding in a room with a computer. I used this computer to type this message back to human on Earth. I’m typing this message with a bullet in my stomach. If you received this message. If you still have humanity in your heart, please save Earth 2.0. If we save people in Earth 2.0. Earth 2.0 can be our second home. Stop the corporations from vanishing Earth 2.0. And to Kelly, I’m sorry I can’t be with you forever and please take care of our children. I wish I can see my kids growing, maybe they both 30 years old right now, I don’t know. I wish we can all be together. I’m sorry.

– Mark William